Finish Your Projects Faster - Three Crucial Steps - 1 hour Webinar

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Webinar Host Michelle LaBrosse

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Michelle LaBrosse, CCPM, PMP, RYT

Michelle LaBrosse - is the founder and Chief Cheetah of Cheetah Learning.  She started Cheetah Learning in March 2000 with the vision that people could achieve their dreams and goals, cheetah fast, when they leveraged their unique genius to learn, do projects, and negotiate in the ways that worked best for them. Since 2000,  100,000 people have become Cheetah's (that is they have learned how to learn and do their projects at least 5x faster).  They have had their careers and live's transform in some pretty spectacular ways. Michelle has a BS in Aerospace Engineering, an MS in Mechanical Engineering, and graduated from Harvard Business School's Owner President Managed program for successful entrepreneurs.  Michelle was named one of the top 25 most influential women in project management worldwide by the Project Management Institute. And is the author of Cheetah Project Management, Cheetah Negotiations, Cheetah Know How and Accelerated Exam Prep.  Michelle is a Project Management Professional (PMP) a Registered Yoga Teacher and a "Cheetah."

 3 Crucial Steps to Finish Your Projects Faster 

This hour-long Master Class - 3 Crucial Steps for Finishing Your Projects Faster is going to help you:

  1. Start your projects in a way that ensures you will finish, fast.
  2. Prevent the most common problems that derail projects.
  3. Avoid the embarrassment and humiliation of a project that takes too long.
  4. Inspire people to move heaven and earth to help you finish your projects fast.
  5. Go after better opportunities.
  6. Get promoted at work or find a better paying, more fulfilling job.
  7. If you run your own business, you'll be able to launch new products faster and test out more marketing ideas quicker.
  8. Get along better with people who help you do your projects.

From Recent Participants

"Loved the activity book - easy to follow along and I felt like it forced me to pay attention. I had never thought about how personality plays a role in project success and speed. Great class!"

What was the most valuable part of the course?: "Alot of valuable information in a short period of time.''
Other Comments?: 'Michelle provides a fun atmosphere to learn. Will take another class for sure!'